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Child-Centred Methods Used In Teaching and Learning of Psychomotor and Creative Activities in Public Pre-Primary Centres in West Pokot County, Kenya

Author: Nelly C. Andiema Abstract This study investigates how child centered methods are used in teaching and learning of psychomotor and creative activities in public pre-primary centers in West Pokot County, Kenya. The competency based curriculum being implemented in Kenya ...

A Historical Development of Language in Education and Language Testing in Kenya

Author: Nyongesa Ben Wekesa
Department of English, Literature, Journalism and Mass Communication, Kibabii University, Kenya ABSTRACT
In an attempt to t race the development of English language teaching and testing in Kenya, this paper looks at language in education in ...

Language Attitudes and Kiswahili Language Learning in Primary Schools in Kenya

Author: Eric, W. Wamalwa, Ernest Sangai Mohochi, Isaac Ipara Odeo, Frida A. Miruka Abstract
Kiswahili and English are two important languages taught and examined at the national level in Kenya’s education system. Students’ academic performance in the subjects keeps varying ...