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Child-Centred Methods Used In Teaching and Learning of Psychomotor and Creative Activities in Public Pre-Primary Centres in West Pokot County, Kenya

Author: Nelly C. Andiema


This study investigates how child centered methods are used in teaching and learning of psychomotor and creative activities in public pre-primary centers in West Pokot County, Kenya. The competency based curriculum being implemented in Kenya pre-primary school demands that psychomotor and creative arts be taught to foster the development of pre-primary children cognitive abilities. This is because they trigger child’s imagination which stimulates and expands their cognitive capacities. Therefore, the study used a mixed methodology research approach. The study used descriptive survey design. The target population comprised of teachers and head teachers drawn from 417 ECDE Centres in West Pokot County. This study used a questionnaire for teachers, interview guide for head teachers and observation checklist (to collect information classroom teaching and learning) to collect data. Quantitative data collected was analysed using descriptive statistical techniques which were frequencies, mean and standard deviation. Inferential analysis of Karl Pearson Correlation coefficient was used to test hypothesis. Quantitative data was analysed with help of SPSS. Qualitative data from open ended questions and interviews was transcribed coded in themes and reported in verbatim. The study found out that pre-primary children were moderately involved in psychomotor and creative activities of singing, plays, dramatization, drawing, painting, sculpturing and singing. These activities are simulated reality in children mental capacities. This is underscored by Dewey who indicated that continuous usage of these activities enable pre-primary children to learn new things beyond what they previously known. Computed correlation statistics showed that there existed a positive degree of association which was significant (p<0.01). The paper concludes that teachers’ incessant utilisation of child-centred teaching methods affected the teaching and learning of psychomotor and creative activities in public ECDE centres in West Pokot County. In recommendations, there is need for pre-primary teachers to widen their scope in the teaching of psychomotor and creative activities by incorporating more of child-centred activities. Keywords: psychomotor, creative, activities, teaching, child centered and methods

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