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Linus Kaikai to Mentor Kibabii University Journalism Department.

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The 4th Edition of the Kibabii University Career and Cultural week, saw the invitation of Guest speakers by the Department of Academic advisory and Career. One of the high profile speaker’s to be invited was the Nation Media Group (NMG), General Manager Broadcast, Mr. Linus KaiKai.
Mr KaiKai, who was invited on the second day of the event, gave a powerful speech based on career choice, hard work and sacrifice as the fundamental pillars behind any successful career. He also cited the importance of passion, creativity and determination as essential tools for any job seeker in Kenya.
The managing director also agreed to be the mentor of the Kibabii University Journalism Club, as per earlier requested by the Club’s chairperson. He also promised to work with the University administration and the Journalism department to ensure that journalism students are well trained and prepared for the competitive career ahead of them.

Linus Kaikai to mentor Kibabii University Journalism Department

In the honour of African Culture, that a visitor should not leave empty handed, the journalism club members who were highly elated on the unique exposure presented a gift in form a Club T-shirt to the GM.
The event was also coloured by entertainment from the University choir, poems and spoken word from students of the invited High schools and a news presentation from the Kibabii University (KIBU) Journalism Club.

Linus Kaikai to mentor Kibabii University Journalism Department

The GM was invited to shed light on the need for students to embrace the book reading culture over social media. The Nation Media group was expected to mentor department of Journalism and Mass Communication to enable the University develop requisite competencies in the media industry. Appreciation of diversity in culture was also emphasized. There’s hope to see greater partnership between KIBU and NMG.

Linus Kaikai to mentor Kibabii University Journalism Department.


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